4 Signs You Need to Move Beyond Your ESP’s Email Personalization Functionality


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About the Mini-Talk:

When you compare the level of personalization in today’s email marketing landscape with tailored website, SMS, and mobile app experiences, you see a clear gap in capabilities.

While many ESPs offer personalization, how does one know it’s time to move beyond the provider’s basics and augment with advanced capabilities? 

Join Dynamic Yield’s Ernie Santeralli, Content Marketing Manager, and dive into the four signs that it might be time to move beyond your ESP’s email personalization functionality.

You’ll also learn:

  • The strengths and limitations of personalization within an ESP


  • How you can (and should) personalize an email at open-time rather than send-time


  • How to make your email experience cohesive with the experience on all your other channels

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Ernie Santeralli, Content Marketing Manager, Dynamic Yield

Ernie Santeralli, Content Marketing Manager, Dynamic Yield

Meet our Speaker:

Ernie is the Content Marketing Manager at Dynamic Yield – he focuses on creating content about how personalization technology and best practices can deliver value to multiple verticals including financial services, grocery/CPG, QSR, and eComm/retail.