The missed opportunity in email personalization

featuring Forrester

About the Talk:

One of the most effective channels for driving sales and retention, the prevalence of email marketing across multiple sectors has made it difficult to stand out in the inbox, despite increasing demand from consumers. While this has forced companies to reconsider their email marketing strategies to continue generating the most revenue from the channel, the majority of email sends today still rely on basic CRM-based segmentation. As a result, emails are typically not individually tailored to recipients, which leads to less engagement.

In this virtual Talk, join Forrester’s VP, Principal Analyst, Shar VanBoskirk, and Dynamic Yield’s, CMO, Yaniv Navot, as they shed light on the massive and largely untapped opportunity which lies in tailoring email campaigns to each recipient according to meaningful interactions that take place on the site or app.

Tune in to learn:

  • Current challenges with landing and making an impact in the customer’s inbox
  • What Forrester data tells us about the state of email marketing
  • How to apply a more holistic approach to email personalization

Meet our speakers:

Emma Furlong, Director Product Marketing at Dynamic Yield

Guest Speaker

Shar VanBoskirk, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Shar helps CMOs lead customer-obsessed strategies at their firms while also transforming their marketing functions to deliver brand experiences that are relevant to empowered customers. Her specific research focuses on marketing strategy, budgets, staffing, organization, and creating an operating model for customer obsession. Shar has spent many years helping clients create optimal digital marketing teams and programs, leveraging research on email marketing, consumer psychology, storytelling, and digital maturity.

Emma Furlong, Director Product Marketing at Dynamic Yield


Yaniv Navot, CMO, Dynamic Yield

Yaniv was Dynamic Yield’s first marketing hire and built the entire marketing technology stack from the ground up. He is a seasoned full-stack marketing expert with a proven track record in driving growth in global, fast-paced, competitive markets. Yaniv brings a combination of technical fluency, creative vision, and strategic thinking to B2B marketing that is unique. Prior to joining Dynamic Yield, Yaniv spent over five years as the Head of Marketing at a reputable performance marketing agency, leading a team of over 20 marketing consultants for SEO, paid media, web analytics, and conversion optimization services