Winning Black Friday: How home24 Uses Dynamic Yield to Create Scalable and Personalized Campaigns

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About the Webinar

On Black Friday in 2019, home24 ran 191 live personalization campaigns and experienced more traffic to their website than any other day of the year. How did they manage to pull this off? Using Dynamic Yield, they were able to improve the customer experience without having to develop a completely new site. As they gear up for Black Friday 2020, they are confident that their methodology – months of preparation, their willingness to identify KPIs in advance, and their execution of countless A/B tests – will deliver positive results once again, delivering optimized customer experiences for every holiday shopper.

In this webinar led by Dynamic Yield’s Kerstin Holzinger and Gianluca Randisi, Brand and Content Marketing Director at home24, learn about the company’s winning strategies and how they’ve been prepping for the holiday season this time around.

Tune in to learn how Home24:

  • How to identify the necessary goals and KPIs for Black Friday
  • How to effectively scale holiday-centric campaigns
  • Why you should test and look at data from a customer perspective
  • How to optimize customer experiences across your website
  • How to engage customers and guarantee lower bounce and exit rates

About the Speakers

Anoop Vasisht, GM, Dynamic Yield

Gianluca Randisi, Brand and Content Marketing Director, home24

Gianluca has been the Marketing Director at home24 since September 2016, managing the conversion and retention side of the business and coordinating the technical projects for Marketing. Today, he is responsible for Merchandising and CRM activities, AB tests, Taxonomy & SEO, Product Discovery & Personalization, Brand Reputation and Trust Portals.

Laura Mason, Digital Product Manager, On

Kerstin Holzinger, CSM, Dynamic Yield

Having worked as a project manager for an international e-retailer of household electronics, Kerstin built an expertise in eCommerce, online marketing, and conversion rate optimization. Since 2018, she has consulted product and marketing departments across all industries in developing personalization strategies.