The How and Why Behind B2B Commerce Personalization: Understanding consumer behavior to craft engaging consumer experiences

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About the Webinar

80% of consumers say they only shop with brands that personalize their digital experiences. To meet this expectation from today’s consumers, B2B organizations need to understand their customer segments in order to serve relevant recommendations and a streamlined, intuitive site experience.

In their experience working and serving leading eCommerce brands, Michael Harvey, Chief Strategy Officer of digital marketing agency Corra, and Dynamic Yield’s VP of Program Strategy and Insights, Nathan Richter, understand the importance of identifying consumer demands and tailoring digital experiences to meet their ever-changing expectations. Listen as they share their perspectives on why B2B companies must embrace personalization and how they can start optimizing digital experiences today.

Tune in to learn:

  • Ways personalization can help outpace your competition
  • How to identify opportunities for personalization
  • Tips on how to efficiently scale your program
  • The impact of digital marketing on B2B customer acquisition
  • How A/B testing and optimization can increase conversion rates

About the Speakers

Nathan Richter, VP of Program Strategy & Insights, Dynamic Yield

Nathan Richter is the VP of Program Strategy & Insights for Dynamic Yield. He’s been working in the digital commerce and personalization space for over two decades. With experience leading teams and innovation at a number of brands – including URBN, QVC, and David’s Bridal – as well as managing multiple strategic consulting practices at SaaS technology companies, Nathan brings a unique and valuable perspective to the organization.

Michael Harvey, Chief Strategy Officer, Corra

Michael Harvey is the Chief Strategy Officer at Corra, a leading digital marketing agency. Formerly the COO of the organization, his responsibilities have included overseeing the agency’s delivery team, including project management, analysis, and marketing. Michael’s 20+ year career has spanned marketing, branding, strategy, product development, operations, and technology.