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With two-thirds of the world’s eCommerce traffic coming from mobile (per Dynamic Yield data), it’s safe to say we live in a mobile-first world. In fact, analysts predict that more than half of eCommerce sales will come from mobile by 2023. However, despite the growth in mobile eCommerce, mobile customers feel increasingly frustrated by lackluster experiences. And if organizations want their mobile conversion and average order value rates to reach those of desktop, they must first focus on finding innovative ways to improve and refine their mobile CX.

During this session from Dynamic Yield’s CMO, Yaniv Navot, get the full lowdown on how the mobile experience can be personalized, optimized, and meet the needs of today’s shoppers to help yield higher conversions and revenue.

Meet the Speaker:

Yaniv Navot, Chief Marketing Officer, Dynamic Yield

Yaniv Navot, Chief Marketing Officer, Dynamic Yield

Yaniv leads the Global Marketing team at Dynamic Yield. He joined Dynamic Yield as the first marketing hire and has built the entire marketing technology stack from the ground up. He is a seasoned full-stack marketing expert with a proven track record in driving growth in global, fast-paced, competitive markets. Yaniv brings a combination of technical fluency, creative vision, and strategic thinking to B2B marketing that is unique. Prior to joining Dynamic Yield, Yaniv spent over five years as the Head of Marketing at a reputable performance marketing agency, leading a team of over 20 marketing consultants for SEO, paid media, web analytics, and conversion optimization services.