Banking’s Personalization Revolution: Data-Driven Transformation

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About the Talk:

Financial institutions (FIs) face obstacles in personalization due to regulatory constraints and outdated technical systems. In this Talk Laura Rae, the founder of Openbox, and Dynamic Yield’s Erika Whitestone discuss these very challenges, exploring the complexities of regulatory constraints, the struggle for organizational buy-in, and the importance of data in achieving effective personalization in the financial services sector.

You’ll Learn:

  • The diversity of approaches to personalization strategies in banking, varying on an institution’s risk appetite and individual business model.

  • How banks are introducing personalization initiatives into marketing and sales campaigns. 

  • How to establish short-term goals (like meeting immediate sales objectives) while keeping long-term ones (like building deeper customer relationships) in sight.

Meet our Speakers:

Laura Rae, Founder, Openbox

Laura Rae, Founder, Openbox

Laura is the Founder of Openbox, a consultancy specializing in digital transformation within financial institutions. She is an expert in customer experience and online innovation, with excellent technical knowledge and commercial awareness. 

Erika Whitestone, Senior Customer Success Manager, Financial Institutions Lead, Dynamic Yield

Erika Whitestone, Senior Customer Success Manager & Financial Institutions Lead, Dynamic Yield

Erika is a Senior Customer Success Manager and Financial Services subject matter expert at Dynamic Yield – she focuses on helping customers reach their personalization goals, empowering them with the right expertise and methodology to achieve significant, positive results from personalization campaigns and experiences.