Webinar: Taking digital personalization to the physical world

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About the Webinar

While online channels continue to grow each year, most industries still rely on physical stores and offline environments for the majority of their sales. But with customer demand for a tailored experience across all channels rising, organizations are looking for ways to personalize in-store experiences and deliver a seamless journey between touchpoints.

Companies that are able to merge the offline and online worlds are well-positioned to drive growth and elevate the customer experience. Banks, for example, can incorporate personalized messaging within ATMs, grocery stores can provide more relevant content via point-of-sale (POS) systems, eCommerce brands can use AI assistants to suggest personalized recommendations to shoppers, and quick-service restaurants can personalize their digital menu boards based on the customer’s order.

During this thought leadership webinar, Dynamic Yield’s Chief Technology Officer, Omri Mendellevich, and SVP of Product and Engineering, Ori Bauer, discuss the future of retail, steps marketers can take to develop an omnichannel personalization strategy, and walk through a live demo using a voice-controlled virtual assistant that provides shoppers with discounts, shares personalized recommendations, and allows consumers to use speech to complete purchases.
Tune in to learn:

  • How conversational commerce and AI assistants can power omnichannel experiences
  • The common pitfalls to avoid when merging online and offline environments
  • Innovative strategies that are non-invasive to the customer
  • Key data points to focus on when delivering personalization across channels
  • How to identify customers interacting with your brand across various touchpoints

About the Speakers

Omri Mendellevich, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dynamic Yield

Omri Mendellevich, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dynamic Yield

Omri has over 22 years of experience in developing profound big data, real-time systems. He was a Senior Team Leader at the Israeli Air Forces engineering unit, and he led an Engineering Team at Symantec, a leader in the information management and security market. Prior to joining Dynamic Yield, Omri was a Director of R&D at Virtual Web, an innovative start-up company focused on enhancing the engagement between site owners and their user base with powerful social tools that can be easily embedded on any website.

Ori Bauer, SVP of Product and Engineering, Dynamic Yield

Ori Bauer, SVP of Product and Engineering, Dynamic Yield

Ori leads the product management and engineering teams,overseeing the roadmap, definition, and development of Dynamic Yield’s best-in-class personalization products. He has 20+ years of experience delivering top-notch products, as well as leading R&D and product teams at both startups and large, global corporations.