Primary audiences: a scalable macro segmentation framework for personalization

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About the Webinar

The rise of customer-centricity has given way to the concept that the closer to 1:1 brands become, the closer to their customer they will be. But what happens when this mentality translates into hundreds of micro-segments that are not only difficult to manage but also yield little to no learnings about what each cohort truly cares about?

In this talk, Dynamic Yield’s Regional Vice President of Customer Success, Ben Malki, introduces rooted personalization, an internally-developed macro segmentation framework designed to bring personalization to life in a functional, repeatable, and scalable manner. Joining him is Robbie Reaves, Product Manager of, who shares his experience implementing the approach as the company focuses on its ability to build truly customer-centric experiences.
Topics up for conversation:

  • The challenges presented by micro-segmentation
  • Revisiting macro segmentation and why it works
  • Processes and guidelines to put in place to yield maximum business value
  • Institutionalizing insights and learnings for deeper personalization
  • How optimized sitewide recommendations with Root Audiences

Meet the Speakers:

Robbie Reaves, Senior Product Manager,

Robbie Reaves, Senior Product Manager,

Robbie Reaves is a Senior Product Manager at Build with Ferguson. He currently leads a cross-functional team focused on keyword search and product recommendations. With an emphasis on user research, A/B testing, and iterative software development, his team supports digital merchandisers and helps reduce manual efforts with a goal of scaling best-in-class experiences across multiple domains, supporting over $1 billion in annual revenue.

Ben Malki, Director of Customer Success, Dynamic Yield

Ben Malki, Regional Vice President of Customer Success, Americas

Ben Malki is the Regional Vice President of Customer Success, Americas at Dynamic Yield. He’s been working in the digital space for nearly a decade following his MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.