When It Comes to Personalization, QSRs Are Asking the Wrong Questions


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About the Mini-Talk:

QSR is a unique vertical with an exclusive set of consumer behaviors that, when not addressed accordingly, can cause businesses to miss out on revenue and opportunities to forge loyal relationships.

But not if they ask the right questions from the start.

Join Dynamic Yield’s Content Marketing Manager, Ernie Santeralli, to uncover what those are and how they can help QSR brands activate more effective personalization.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why eCommerce personalization wins don’t always translate to QSR
  • How to unlock personalization for unidentified guests based on contextual factors
  • Why QSRs should optimize for check size — not take rate

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Ernie Santeralli, Content Marketing Manager, Dynamic Yield

Ernie Santeralli, Content Marketing Manager, Dynamic Yield

Meet our Speaker:

Ernie is the Content Marketing Manager at Dynamic Yield – he focuses on creating content about how personalization technology and best practices can deliver value to multiple verticals including financial services, grocery/CPG, QSR, and eComm/retail.