Look Forward: How to Scale your eCommerce Business

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About the Webinar

In order for your business to successfully scale, marketers must achieve and maintain long-term success. By focusing on the on-site experience, you’ll establish stronger bonds with shoppers that strengthen their loyalty to you. Additionally, a pleasant user experience can drive retention, encouraging users to complete additional purchases and spend more with you, positioning your brand for sustainable growth. As the eCommerce space grows more competitive, marketers and merchants need to experiment with new and interesting ways to keep customers coming back for more.

Hosted by the folks at LoyaltyLion, join Dynamic Yield’s Director of Customer Success, Ben Malki, and the Head of Retail Sales at Klarna, Kevin Ward, as they discuss how eCommerce brands can optimize their sites to drive conversions and meet revenue targets.They cover some quick wins, help you lay solid foundations for the future, and walk through how organizations can make data-driven decisions.

In addition to this recording, you can also access this exclusive eBook with tips from the industry, as well as the experts at Dynamic Yield, on how merchandisers can combine their vast knowledge with the power of machine learning to improve product discovery.

Tune in to learn:

  • Common conversion mistakes and how to avoid them when scaling
  • Ways to optimize customer engagement to drive long-term loyalty
  • How your eCommerce business can determine what a “good” conversion rate is
  • Best practices for scaling your personalization program toward specific audiences
  • How to balance converting quality customers over quantity


Ben Malki, Director of Customer Success - Americas, Dynamic Yield

Ben Malki, Director of Customer Success - Americas, Dynamic Yield

Siva Gabby, Director of Program Strategy and Insights, Dynamic Yield

Kevin Ward, Head of Retail Sales - Klarna