Making the move to server-side testing and personalization

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About the Webinar

While client-side testing and personalization is considered an industry standard, we’ve seen an increase in demand for server-side solutions, which enables companies to experiment and personalize with no performance impact on above-the-fold experiences, create journey consistency beyond the web, and better adhere to privacy concerns.

In this webinar, Dynamic Yield Vice President of Global Marketing, Yaniv Navot discusses everything you need to know about the shift to implementing API-based digital customer experiences.
All stakeholders are encouraged to listen in on the conversation:

  • Product Managers looking to better understand the benefits of running controlled experiments and targeted rollouts by audience groups
  • Developers who are equipped with using APIs and SDKs to build consistent digital customer experiences
  • Marketers who are exploring ways to personalize and optimize experiences without impacting latency and performance.
  • Merchandisers who are looking to improve product discovery and maximize SEO value through server-side product recommendations.
ICYMI, Dynamic Yield is offering a free 14-day exPerience APIs trial. Simply sign-up for access to a sandbox environment and start playing.

About the Speaker

Yaniv Navot, VP of Global Marketing, Dynamic Yield

Yaniv Navot, Vice President of Global Marketing, Dynamic Yield

Yaniv leads the Global Marketing team at Dynamic Yield and is considered a veteran in the Personalization and Experimentation space. He is also a hands-on power user of the Dynamic Yield platform on our own website.