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Seamlessly increase product discovery by providing relevant, personalized navigation experiences for site visitors with this customizable template. Save time in the building stage by simply adjusting the design and functionality to create dynamic content that thoughtfully guides customers at strategic moments throughout their site visit. This template can be static, or it can reorder based on a visitor's affinity profile to ensure the most relevant navigation options appear first.
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Dynamic Content

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Engaging navigation experiences are table stakes for the modern consumer. This out-of-the-box template makes it easy for you to build and personalize the navigation on your website via dynamic content, with endless options to customize the functionality and design. Adjust the template to your preferred function by populating the tiles with any redirect that contains a URL, including category pages, articles, offer landing pages, a curated looks page, or PLPs. Choose to automatically reorder the tiles based on a visitor's affinity profile, or choose to keep the order static.

With this template, you could...

- Build experiences with half tiles, captions, and continuous scrolling
- Reduce choice paralysis with no-scroll navigation and no captions
- Present the most relevant tabbed navigation options with reordering based on the visitor's affinity profile
- And so much more

Add a seamless layer of sophistication to the browsing experience and guide visitors to explore the content most relevant to them.
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