Product Discovery Landing Page

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A fully responsive and highly customized eCommerce landing page template which includes out-of-the-box support for personalized product recommendations, different layouts, and designs.
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Landing Pages

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If you're in the eCommerce business and looking to increase your conversion rates from specific marketing campaigns, you need a high converting landing page that you can easily customize for different audience groups, initiatives, and product offers. This highly customizable landing page template allows you to experiment with different recommendation strategies to improve your average basket value and conversion rates. Test between a Pinterest-style layout versus a standard tiles treatment, try infinite scrolling versus pagination, and more! All as out-of-the-box presets within the template's settings.

Key Benefits

  • Build personalized landing pages with ease
  • Improve scale and agility
  • Improve paid media ROI
  • Increase conversions, sales, and average order value
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