Powerful Templates Engine

Carefully crafted built-in templates to help you speed up your work-
flow and drive more revenue to your business.
  • Select Template

    Tens of templates are available for each of the Dynamic Yield modules, across all verticals.
  • Customize

    Each template consists of design variables, easily configurable through a WYSIWYG interface.
  • Optimize

    Create multiple variation without any IT assistance, and launch your campaign with a click.
    Select Template
  • Select Template
  • Customize Template
  • Optimize Template

Key Benefits

No IT Dependency

All templates are plug & play, giving the Marketer full control over the creative, copy and experience.

Built to Scale

Experiences crafted with Dynamic Yield Prototypes are duplicated, customized and launched within minutes.

Fully Responsive

All templates are mobile-ready, and can be previewed across all types of devices – Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone.

Developer Friendly

Developers gain access to a clean code base that’s easily understandable and highly customizable.

Built for Personalization

Dynamically populate values from recommendation engines, URL parameters, cookies, geo, and more.

Highly Customizable

In addition to the preset variables, you can take full control over the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.