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Learn from the Personalization Experts

Join our monthly, week-long immersive new user virtual training and get certified by the end of the week, schedule exclusive sessions just for your team, or leverage our on-demand modules and get supplementary training anytime, anywhere.

We believe that you learn best by doing, and we have designed a unique program that combines lectures, exercises, and user collaboration to help you gain a deep, practical understanding of personalization with Dynamic Yield.

Dynamic Yield Classrooms

Empower your team members that are new to the Dynamic Yield platform and enable teammates that could use a DY refresher.

Choose and register for the training program option(s) that best suit your team’s needs.

Training Tracks

Three monthly remote training program options and a library of on-demand modules, optimized for users of all types and designed with new users in mind.

Our program options will enable and empower you as you embark on your personalization journey with Dynamic Yield. The following tracks are available:

The following tracks are available:

DY Platform Fundamentals

Master how to build a campaign, target experiences, create variations, and apply personalization use cases for your everyday business needs. Scheduled during the first full week of each month, participants attend daily live, virtual training sessions with other DY customers as a cohort. Note: we cap each monthly cohort to the first (12) registrants.

Monthly  •  Live  |  Virtual  •  Free

Advanced Personalization Seminars

Take your omnichannel personalization and user journey orchestration skills to higher levels. Learn about advanced personalization strategies and use cases by attending these live, weekly seminars that cycle through a variety of topics and areas of the platform. These seminars will empower you to program intricate experiences with elegance and ease.

Watch recordings of our previous seminars

Weekly  •  Live  |  Virtual  •  Free

On-Demand Training

Watch our pre-recorded, on-demand video training modules to grow your knowledge and skills. Learn how to implement Dynamic Yield and other advanced strategies and techniques at your own pace. Click the link below to access our library of current video training modules.

Watch our on-demand training modules

Virtual  •  Free

Custom Sessions

Interested in tailoring a training experience for just you and your team? Contact us to schedule and plan a customized, week-long, exclusive training experience for just your brand and engage your team’s users with up to (7) session topics. For more details and scheduling info, email

Scheduled by Request  •  Live  |  Virtual •  Cost

Schedule & Sign Up

Signing up to any of our recurring seminars and webinars is simple and free for all Dynamic Yield customers.
Simply follow the registration links below to fill in the registration form. Once you receive your email confirmation, you’re in.

NYC seminars begin at 10am EST and end around 3pm EST
Berlin seminars begin at 11:00 GMT+1 and end at 16:00 GMT+1
Singapore schedule will be posted soon 

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    • DY Platform Fundamentals
    • Advanced Personalization Seminars
May 25 11:00 - 12:00 PM ET (5:00-6:00PM GMT +1)
Advanced Personalization Seminars - Experience Targeting Best Practices Learn about other ways to strategically leverage the Experience targeting suite for testing purposes and to gain more comprehensive insight into user behaviors as part of your team's long-term optimization and personalization plan.
June 7 - 11 12:00 - 1:30 PM ET (6:00-7:30PM GMT+1)
DY Platform Fundamentals Master how to build a campaign, target experiences, create variations, and apply personalization use cases for your everyday business needs.
June 29 9:30 - 10:30 AM ET (3:30-4:30PM GMT +1)
Advanced Personalization Seminars - Multi-Touch Campaigns & Cross-Device Optimization Learn about the purpose of Multi-Touch, the steps for deploying a Multi-Touch campaign, and best practices for creating optimal Experiences for users given the interfaces they may be leveraging to access your site.
July 5 - 9 9:30 - 11:00 AM ET (3:30-5:00PM GMT +1)
DY Platform Fundamentals Master how to build a campaign, target experiences, create variations, and apply personalization use cases for your everyday business needs.

Learn at Your Own Pace with
Dynamic Yield Academy

Can’t join a live Business Fundamentals session? Interested in expanding your skill set at your own pace? Our On-Demand video modules are available to you 24/7, offering the same fully immersive curriculum (and more) in a self-serve framework.

Enjoy the full range of videos and exercises at the leisure of your own environment and at your own pace.

Dynamic Yield Academy Certification

Dynamic Yield is proud to launch the first-of-its-kind Personalization Certification program, qualifying its graduates as professionals with expertise in the expansive world of omnichannel personalization in the digital sphere. It arms participants with the skills required for personalization roles in the eCommerce, iGaming, Finance, Travel, and B2B industries.

Our Academy Certification and course offerings will enhance your knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Dynamic Yield, providing you with an education on the theories and concepts behind the elements of the platform.