Travel Solutions

Increase Booking Revenues With Personalized Travel Experiences

Optimize Travel Experiences Across Multi-Channel Journeys.
Dynamic Yield empowers travel sites to act on data to increase loyalty and deliver exceptional value to each customer.

Personalized Experiences

Increase Booking Ratios with Advanced Targeting
Instantly leverage behavioral data to get a clear view of consumer intent and preferences. Engage valuable segments with micro-targeted promotions that drive conversions and bookings.
Segmented Experiences
Real Time Messaging

Real-Time Messaging

Trigger Personalized Messages That Resonate
Influence decision making with relevant and context-aware notifications delivered in real time. Personalize messaging based on geo-affinity, journey phase, prior interactions, subscription status and more.

Yield Optimization

Predictive A/B and Multivariate Testing
Easily run A/B and Multivariate tests and let Dynamic Yield allocate traffic to the highest performing variations. Free yourself from dev cycles and stay focused on delivering value to your customers.
Luxury Travelers<

Best Variation for
Luxury Travelers
Pre Booking

Best Variation for
Family Travelers

Best Variation for
Family Travelers

Demand Messaging

Create Urgency Using Social Proof & Demand Messaging
Encourage booking completions by building trust and leveraging social proof. Surface notifications based on users’ activity, including low-on-stock messages, view counters, and trend alerts.
Omni-Channel Demand MessagingSocial Proof Messaging on DesktopOmni-Channel Demand MessagingSocial Proof Messaging on Desktop
Mobile App Personalization

Mobile App Personalization

Empower Your
Native Apps
Personalize, test and optimize any element or message in your Android or iOS app to increase retention and in-app engagement.

Landing Page Automation

Create Dynamic Landing Pages
At Scale
Use a one-of-a-kind landing page builder with advanced capabilities already built in:
› Dynamic Variables
Automatically alter the text according to geo-location, URL parameters, cookie values and more.
› Automated Optimization Engine
Run A/B and Multivariate tests on any element, automatically optimize for your most valuable KPIs.
› Real-Time Messaging
Supercharge your pages with real-time social proof messages and personalized offers.
› Personalized Recommendations
Enhance the value of your landing pages by adding engaging and personalized recommendations.


Paris, Here I Come!

Recommendations real time messaging dianamic variables a_b testing


Element-Level Insights

Gain Valuable Insights in Real Time
Measure the impact of every element. Quantify revenue per booker, clickstream data, promotion visibility, and other valuable metrics using a single platform.
Real-Time Insights
The Power of Dynamic Experiments
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