Travel Solutions

Increase Booking Revenues With Personalized Travel Experiences

Personalize the entire customer journey from acquisition to loyalty.
Maximize revenue and traveler engagement with automated optimization. Present the right offer in the right context to drive conversions.

Personalized Experiences

Build Advanced Profiles Based on Real-Time Data
Collect behavioral and intent data from your web, app and third-party sources and use it to deliver a cohesive experience across channels, even for anonymous visitors.

Segmented Experiences
Real Time Messaging

Real-Time Messaging

Trigger Personalized Messages That Resonate
Influence decision making with relevant and context-aware notifications delivered in real time. Personalize messaging based on geo-affinity, journey phase, prior interactions, subscription status and more.

Yield Optimization

Deploy Automated, Data-Driven Testing Optimization
Dynamically optimize the layout, design and content of your site, app and emails and instantly measure the impact of these changes. Easily create dozens of variations and let machine learning allocate traffic to the best variation.

Luxury Travelers

Best Variation for
Luxury Travelers
Pre Booking

Best Variation for
Family Travelers

Best Variation for
Family Travelers

Demand Messaging

Create Urgency Using Social Proof & Demand Messaging
Encourage booking completions by building trust and leveraging social proof. Engage each prospective traveler with low-on-stock messages, view counters, and trend alerts.
Omni-Channel Demand MessagingSocial Proof Messaging on DesktopOmni-Channel Demand Messagingocial Proof Messaging on Desktop
Mobile App Personalization

Mobile App Personalization

Extend Personalization to Your Mobile App
Iterate faster and break free of app store approvals with powerful mobile personalization. Personalize in-app content, offers and notifications based on cross-device profiles, affinity, real-time behavior and past bookings.

Personalized Emails

Send Individualized Emails That Inspire Users to Take Action
Go beyond personalizing first name in emails. Dynamically present the right content or offer to each individual user based on their real-time website behavior.

Personalized Behavior-Triggered Emails
The Power of Dynamic Experiments
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