Using urgency messaging to encourage coupon redemption





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A popular bedding and linen retailer


The retailer encourages purchases by presenting a top banner highlighting a time-sensitive promotion personalized for different audience segments. The promotional gift card is automatically added to the visitor’s cart and highlighted during the checkout process.

Using urgency messaging to encourage coupon redemption Using urgency messaging to encourage coupon redemption

Sometimes shoppers will get all the way to the cart page after browsing and carefully making their selections only to question whether or not the purchase is worth it in the end. In cases like this, retailers can deploy time-sensitive promotions, highlighted during the checkout process, to solidify the shopper’s decision to move forward and buy is the right one. This can be personalized for different audience segments based on factors like the value of items in-cart or the individual’s likelihood of engaging with the promotion.

Templates that can be used to achieve this:

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