Recommend menu items based on purchase history

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For users who have opted out, this use case can also be deployed without any dependency on tracking or cookies. Explore other use cases → More on cookieless personalization →

Leading global QSR


A leading global QSR personalized its kiosks by encouraging customers to log in via a quick scan on their phones. Once logged in, the content in the kiosks was tailored, showcasing items based on the individual’s past purchases. New products that matched the customer’s affinity were also displayed to increase product discovery. Over time, this led to an increase in the variety and checkout size of known user purchases, which encourages customer loyalty and increases revenue from returning customers.

Recommend menu items based on purchase history Recommend menu items based on purchase history

By personalizing kiosks to display items based on past purchases and user affinity, a customer is more likely to find a plethora of items that match their preferences and needs. This increases the variety of a customer’s orders and average cart size over time, encouraging loyalty and repeat business.