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Coconut oil-based beauty brand


In order to identify the optimal free-shipping threshold that increases AOV and conversions, as well as drives an increase in net new customers, the beauty brand tested the impact of increasing the free shipping threshold vs. decreasing it.

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Finding the free shipping threshold sweetspot Finding the free shipping threshold sweetspot

Shipping costs are often a dealbreaker for online shoppers, and therefore free shipping deals can serve as a massive incentive for indecisive users. However, If the majority of users reach the threshold after adding one or two products to their cart, it may be too low and will not have any added value, but a threshold that is too high may not be seen as attainable for users deciding on a purchase. Brands should test a variety of thresholds, optimizing the winner based on increased AOV and consider experimenting with additional strategies, such as thresholds for different geos or seasons (i.e. around the holidays).

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