Surfacing product availability to power social proof messaging




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One of Africa’s largest online retailers


In order to drive users to make purchases, the retailer displays notifications on PDPs to display how popular the product in view has been over the last week, including the number of customers that have viewed or purchased the item, if the product has been purchased at least 10 times in the last week.

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Surfacing product availability to power social proof messaging Surfacing product availability to power social proof messaging

Understanding that other people are looking at or have bought an item plays an important role in validating a customer’s own decision to buy it as well. Uncertain customers naturally find comfort in a greater collective, and if brands can create the impression that everyone is buying a product, there’s a strong likelihood they will too. One way to accomplish this is by inserting a notification that directly references how many times the product has been viewed or purchased in the last week, incentivizing shoppers to complete their purchase and increasing purchase rates.

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