Presenting relevant offers based on the local weather





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Leading Swedish retailer, specializing in outdoor equipment


The retailer set up multiple MP4 banners for every type of weather condition to optimize product discovery. There are multiple variations per each weather condition, and all are continuously optimized year-round.

Presenting relevant offers based on the local weather Presenting relevant offers based on the local weather

By replacing generic experiences with personalized, relevant content, users are more likely to engage. A great way to do this is by contextualizing areas of the site, such as the homepage banners, to users based on their geolocation. This is done through weather-based targeting and can have a significant impact on revenue and conversions, surfacing items for areas which may be experiencing cold weather or for those currently residing in tropical locations. Whatever the case, brands can and should promote merchandise most applicable to each customer’s local weather.

Templates that can be used to achieve this:

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