Powering effective product recommendations using weather targeting




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The online store for one of England’s largest football clubs


Anonymous visitors are greeted with a geo-targeted hero banner that displays the visitor’s Google Maps location in the background and promotes weather-appropriate product recommendations in the foreground. Returning visitors are welcomed with fully personalized product recommendations, proven to outperform any other recommendation strategy.

Powering effective product recommendations using weather targeting Powering effective product recommendations using weather targeting

Incorporating weather-based targeting as a mainstream component of a business’ marketing strategies can effectively increase conversions. With these capabilities, brands are empowered to anticipate patterns of demand and tap into the moods, needs, and purchase intentions of their customers. A great use case for this is product recommendations, and surfacing products based on what is weather appropriate for the visitor (sweatshirts for users in cold weather geos, shorts for those in sunny locales, etc.). This os a surefire method of gaining a competitive advantage and increasing the average value of orders.

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