An Overview of Multi-Touch Testing

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Optimizing individual elements on your page can have a major effect on your business, but sometimes you need to make a set of changes across multiple pages and test the overall effectiveness. Let’s say Jim and Dwight manage the content for Jim wants to promote broccoli, but Dwight’s always pushing the beets. The promotions involve changes to more than one page, and you want to determine which change will be more effective overall. You create a multi-touch experience and add variations to test the promotions. Each variation includes as many touchpoints across the site as you need. When a visitor reaches any one of the touchpoints, dynamic yield assigns them to a variation and will now serve them content from this variation across your site. You can compare the total effectiveness of each variation, as well as drill down to see information about each touchpoint. Thanks for watching.

Optimize your site by testing a set of changes across multiple pages, measure the total effectiveness of test variations, and determine overall effectiveness using Multi-Touch Testing.