An Overview of Product Discovery Templates

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In the world of E-commerce product discovery is an incredibly important part of the shopping journey. That’s why at Dynamic Yield we’ve created a bundle of pre-built product discovery experiences in the Dynamic Yield platform, leveraging best practices in E-commerce and user experience. Instead of having to build new product discovery experiences from scratch marketers can simply take any of these out-of-the-box templates, customize them as needed, and set them live immediately for their visitors. These templates span the entire customer journey, so you can leverage product discovery at every touch-point. For example, at the top of the funnel you could direct your paid acquisition traffic to landing pages built using our product discovery landing page template. These pages offer an engaging infinite scroll layout of product recommendations so that your customers can keep browsing to find relevant products. As users are browsing your site you can showcase the shop the look banner, which makes it easy to showcase an outfit, and allow interested customers to purchase any or all of the promoted items. When a customer is close to converting a sliding drawer enables you to easily showcase products. You can show personalized product recommendations or show previously viewed items to help customers rediscover items. This is extremely valuable for mobile shoppers because of their smaller screens, as you can keep product discovery front and center, and hide it as needed. These are just a few of the many product discovery templates in Dynamic Yield. Now, businesses have the tools they need to quickly and easily tackle product discovery, and grow their user engagement, conversion rates, and revenue.

With our Product Discovery Templates, don’t start from scratch. Grow user engagement, conversion rates, and revenue for your eCommerce business with our pre-built, customizable product discovery experiences.