An Overview of the Oracle Bronto Integration

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Using dynamic yield to enrich your Oracle Bronto email campaigns with personalized email content and recommendations is now a necessity for any marketer looking to maximize engagement and avoid getting lost in cluttered inboxes. With this new integration, Dynamic Yield’s triggering engine, dynamic content, and open time recommendations are made available within a matter of minutes, transforming generic email sends into timely, relevant communications. If Bronto is your ESP, simply find Bronto on the integrations page within your Dynamic Yield settings, and click to enable integration. Doing so, will display a Bronto embed code in each of the email modules available within your account. In order to deliver personalized emails triggered by Dynamic Yield via Bronto, complete the integration by providing your CSM with your Bronto API key, which you should have received upon applying for the app within Oracle Bronto’s app center. Once you do, you’ll have the ability to define, build, launch, and test personalized triggered emails based on any user behavior or set activity. As well as include tailored content or product recommendations within. You now have the combined power of Dynamic Yield and Bronto to unleash true personalization within your email campaigns with absolutely no IT effort. Oracle Bronto is just one of many integrations we support within Dynamic Yield. To learn more, visit our integrations page at

Using this integration with Oracle Bronto, gain access to the full suite of email personalization capabilities made available through the Dynamic Yield platform and start delivering up-to-date, personalized email experiences.