BILD personalizes the entire fan journey

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I am Robert Blanck, I am head of eCommerce advertising at Bild, the biggest media brand in Germany. Doing two things at Bild, so one is the eCommerce platform, running real eCommerce business with logistics, and sending out packages to customers. And on the other side I’m optimizing the media revenue on which is totally different from the eCommerce business. But it’s really interesting to look on both sides of two different business models. Why did I choose Dynamic Yield? Because I was really impressed by the tool itself. I think the best thing that the tool is at the moment, really their recommendation pod. The implementation of Dynamic Yield was easy. We tried different use cases, and we really recognized one use case, which is giving us a very good ROI of five times what we spend in a short time. And so we wanna have control about what we do and understand that, and this is very good.

Robert Blanck, Head of eCommerce & Advertising at BILD describes how they leveraged a myriad of data sources to craft highly engaging experiences throughout the purchase funnel for a huge boost in converate rate and revenue per user. Read the full case study here.

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