Brooks Bell Raises Personalization Maturity with Dynamic Yield

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I’m Reid Bryant. I’m the VP of Analytics and Data Science at Brooks Bell. Brooks Bell is a leading, enterprise-level experimentation and personalization firm. Personalization is really the next generation of A/B testing. It’s a natural evolution. As our clients increase their maturity, they wanna move along from just testing things like CTA’s to testing experiences, and Dynamic Yield helps achieve that. What I look for is for a piece of technology to take over where an analyst can no longer function at scale. As a data scientists, typically I would build clustering models and write targeting rules, and I can’t do that on a daily basis. So it’s really nice to have pieces of technology that can sit alongside and assist in that journey. We like to work with ones that obviously have the technology in place to make a difference, but it’s also about the customer success team. So we work with very complicated clients on the enterprise level, and what we’ve found with Dynamic Yield is they typically go above and beyond to help us solve complicated problems inserting custom code into that platform when necessary. So as experimentation has been around for the better part of a decade, we’ve found some of our clients are hitting a wall with traditional A/B testing so personalization really helps drive that ROI. If the experience has really been optimized for years to the average users, personalization helps our clients speak to their customers more on a one-to-one basis. The experience working with the Dynamic Yield team has been fantastic. I think they’ve been alongside us and alongside of our clients to help us whenever we need help. And I think that really goes a long way in cementing the relationship. It’s ultimately a relationship-based business, and I think Dynamic Yield does a great job in that aspect.

Reid Bryant, VP of Analytics and Data Science at Brooks Bell describes how when an analyst can no longer function at scale, building clustering models and writing targeting rules, Brooks Bell turns to Dynamic Yield technology for assistance in analysis and decision-making of personalization experiences.