BVAccel Builds Dynamic Yield into Client Personalization Practices

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My name is Eric Meyers, I work at Brand Value Accelerator and we are a Shopify Plus Agency and I run our Optimization Practice. Some of the problems that we try to help our clients solve are just how can they serve their customers the most relevant experiences and how can we help them do that with confidence, velocity and value. Personalization I think is really important for our clients because everyone on Shopify is, there’s a lot of start-ups, a lot of really fast growing mid-market companies that are looking to take their companies to the next level and personalization lets us do that by serving much more relevant experiences, whether somebody comes from a high funnel acquisition channel or is a loyal customer. When we were looking for a partner in our personalization and optimization practice Dynamic Yield really stood out on account of the templates, for one, were really important to us because that allowed us to get new experiences onto websites really quickly so that clients could onboard onto the platform with a great velocity and were able to start seeing value really quickly and then beyond that the ability to deeply segment and leverage your CRM data was critical and something that really stood out against some of the other platforms that we were vetting. At BVXL our optimization team is spending a lot of time in the platform, using Dynamic Yield across several clients and the interface is great, it’s really easy to use and also does a great job of telling us where we can make optimizations, not just after one test, but continually, so that we’re continuing to make better experiences for the web users. A lot of our clients are talking about personalization, not just in 2018, but and beyond, and what’s important for us is to make sure that we’re helping our clients gather the correct data types that will help us in our personalization efforts and then also helping to put together strategic roadmaps that get us to personalization, knowing that it’s not an overnight magic button you can press and you’re immediately personalized. Coming up with very strategic, data-driven design thinking methods that get us to effective personalization. When considering a personalization, or even just like a testing platform partner, you wanna make sure that it is someone who you can onboard clients onto quickly and Dynamic Yield does a great job of that. The ability to segment data so deeply in the platform really allows us to execute with a really high level of confidence. Working with the team at Dynamic Yield has been amazing. From the CSMs to pretty much everyone that I’ve ever interacted with at the company has been amazing. I don’t think we have really any vendors who we can go to with an idea and say like hey, it’d be cool if your platform had this to offer and then within like a quarter or two, it’s actually an offering. That’s been an amazing, the level of support that we get from Dynamic Yield really makes us feel like more of a partner than a customer.

Eric Meyers, CRO Lead for BVAccel shares how they partner with Dynamic Yield to provide clients with immediate value and high levels of personalization confidence through out-of-the-box templates and deep segmentation capabilities.