Cabela’s Canada leverages personalized content and messaging to achieve a 68% increase in transaction rate

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Hi my name’s Wilbert Vivas. I am an eCommerce Manager for Cabela’s Canada. Cabela’s Canada is a Canadian retailer. We cater to general outdoors. We’re an activity based retailer for hunting, fishing, camp. We sell fun. Personalization is a key to our success. If you go into any Cabela’s retail store, you’ll get that personalized experience straight from our outfitter. That’s how Cabela’s was born. What we want to do for the customer as soon as they walk in is we wanna create a relationship with them and we want to recommend the optimal product in order for them to be successful in the activity that they’re going to take part in.

One of the examples that we have right now is that we’re filling product recommendations a little further to the top of the product page. We also have some messaging that recommend different products. I think it says, this isn’t what your looking for, try these other products. And that’s really what happens in a retail store as well, enabling us to have that flexibility to deliver a recommendation which is in a way that gives us the flexibility to showcase a bunch of different products to all of our customers depending on where they’re at in the customer tree. It seems like a simple use case but it’s probably the most exciting one and it’s the one that gave us the most return on investment.

We’ve seen increase in average revenue per user. We’ve seen an increase in conversion rate but I think the biggest win also has been our transaction rate has skyrocketed. We’re seeing 68% increase in transaction rates. And really it’s just about delivering the right content to the right people as granular as you can get. Dynamic Yields power comes from the machine. We look at it as an AI tool. The machine can run through so many iterations. It can run through so many different possibilities and it gives you that probability that something’s going to perform best for a certain user group for a certain segment.

I think one of the biggest wins and why Dynamic Yield has been a very unique partner to work with is their customer success management. People, we have regular conversations with their CSM and they’re not the typical types of conversations. They’re a lot more creative. They’re a lot more strategic. And we haven’t really had come to a point where our CSM says, you know what I don’t think we can do that. The answer is always, let’s see how we can do that and let me talk to our dev team or let me talk to the person who I think can help.

Wilbert Vivas, eCommerce Manager at Cabela’s Canada, explains why personalization is integral to the brand’s success and how the retailer uses Dynamic Yield as an AI tool, testing unique and strategic experiences to boost its returns and transaction rate.