Chal-Tec boosts revenue by 30% after fully personalizing the customer journey with multi-touch experiences

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My name is Philipp Schroder. I am now a conversion rate optimization manager at Chal-Tec, and I’m really working in between different departments and merging together the IT, marketing, and brand management to optimize our profit. We choose Dynamic Yield as an optimization tool because we had 40 shops to control. If you have 40 shops and you are not able to even transfer your experiences to another sub-shop, you cannot handle it as a shop manager. If you set up an experience with Dynamic Yield, and it’s successful in one of your shops, and you can easily transfer this experience to another shop, that’s like having a major advantage, and Dynamic Yield is the only tool outside that gives me this opportunity.

When we challenge tools for conversion, there was always one feature missing. And since Dynamic Yield launched multi-touch tests, they offer me everything I need. We use Dynamic Yield for A/B test. We use Dynamic Yield for personalization. We use Dynamic Yield to automate our contents. We use Dynamic Yield to test features before we start writing tickets for the IT. So we know the value of a hard-coded feature before we start briefing it. We created sub-shops for our malls, and this was crazy successful. And the next step will be that we roll out this experience in every country. On the German market, we are going to hit like 30% uplift.

I really like to play around. I really like to be foolish on everything. I want to play with designs. I want to play with prices. But I really don’t like to code, to go into details, to set up tracking and audiences, and this is what Dynamic Yield does for me. And this is why this company makes me happy!

Philipp Schröder, Conversion Rate Optimization Manager at Chal-Tec, details how the German eCommerce retailer has driven significant revenue lift per user after using Dynamic Yield to launch dozens of personalized Experiences and multi-touch campaigns.