Dynamic Yield’s ContentSquare integration

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Dynamic Yield’s personalization solution guarantees your visitors receive the right content at the right time. While this ensures optimal results, marketers also want to understand why some experiences resonate better with one customer over another.

With our new ContentSquare integration, you can finally gain insight into the performance of each experience and its corresponding segment in order to make informed decisions when it comes to your personalization roadmap. Additionally, visual in-page reports can cast a light on other areas of opportunity you may have otherwise missed.

To enable this integration, simply paste the snippet of code provided by your CSM into your Dynamic Yield account. Go to the integration section under site settings, choose custom integrations and paste the code. Next, check the execute custom integrations box in the advanced settings of every campaign you’d like to analyze in ContentSquare. For example, in this campaign, you are personalizing an experience for visitors who have previously browsed the dresses category by removing their side filters and providing a truncated menu that directs them to the category they previously browsed. New visitors, on the other hand, receive the full side menu. This experience proves very successful with a significant overall uplift.

But a look at ContentSquare’s zoning analytics reveals a bigger story. The portion of returning visitors who did not convert showed no interest in the dresses on the page. But rather, exhibited confusion and frustration as they hovered back and forth over the top and side menus. These visitors have clearly changed their minds about the dresses since their last visit, as ContentSquare’s journey analysis shows them looping between search and dresses in an attempt to find their new object of interest, Ultimately abandoning the website at a high rate. To remedy this, we tweaked the experience for returning visitors by adding a small all dresses option at the bottom of the truncated side menu. Allowing returning visitors who have changed their mind to access the full side menu. Now, conversions in sales are even higher.

Dynamic Yield’s integration with ContentSquare is just one of many integrations we support. To learn more, visit dynamicyield.com/integrations or www.contentsquare.com/solutions/ecosystem-integrations.

Using our ContentSquare Integration, visualize analytics, optimization and personalization data, and track changes in the customer journey to make informed personalization decisions that drive performance.