Dormify achieves 34% increase in add-to-cart rate with mobile personalization

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My name is Lauren, and I’m the Director of Product at Dormify. I work on sourcing all of the software and technology that we use on our site and throughout our business as well as launching new features on the site with our design and development teams. Dormify is an online retailer that offers dorm decor, small space decor for college freshmen moving into their first dorm as well as upperclassmen in college and anyone in a small space trying to get the most out of their space.

We identified personalization as a key priority for this year. We did a bunch of infrastructure work to prepare for launching personalization as well as A/B testing. With the large product catalog, we wanted to have a solution that could serve relevant products to our users and get them connected to product more quickly so that they could reach the end of the funnel. When choosing a partner, A/B testing and personalization were important to us, and many partners out there just don’t have both in the same platform at the level that we were looking. Lots of people on our team are very marketer-focused so having something that’s friendly to the end user was another very important criteria. Some of the personalization initiatives that we’re currently undertaking are doing a guided shopping type experience where we are kind of mimicking the experience of someone coming into our showroom where they’re getting helped by a stylist in person. So we use Dynamic Yield to achieve this through custom homepage creative as well as carousels on the site and product recommendations through different touchpoints on the site.

Over the summer we launched a mobile-specific page layout for one of the key shopping experiences on our site, and that drove a 34% increase in Add to Carts on mobile. One of the key things that we launched with Dynamic Yield, after we onboarded, was our style quiz. We’ve had it as a part of our e-commerce experience since day one, and that was a really important piece that we wanted to bring over to Dynamic Yield to be able to personalize recommendations based on quiz answers that users indicate to us. So after launching that, and running it throughout the summer, we achieved a 6% revenue contribution from that quiz, and someone going through that quiz will double their conversion based on just the site average. The team at Dynamic Yield has really been great, helping to educate us on how to use the platform and really get the most out of it. They take the time to help us work out some more complex tests when we need it as well as suggest new ideas for us to try in an upcoming quarter, especially for holiday.

Lauren Ulmer, Director of Product at Dormify, details how the company has deployed guided shopping experiences online using personalized page layouts, custom creative, recommendations, and digital mobile experiences, doubling their conversion rate and driving a 34% increase in their add-to-cart rate.