Dynamic Yield’s Partnership Program

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Personalization is really the next generation of AB testing. It’s a natural evolution, as our clients increase their maturity. They want to move along from just testing things like CTAs to testing experiences and Dynamic Yield helps achieve that.

At BVACCEL, our optimization team is spending a lot of time in the platform, using Dynamic Yield across several clients and the interface is great. It’s really easy to use and also does a great job of telling us where we can make optimizations, not just after one test, but continually, so that we’re continuing to make better experiences for the web users.

[Reid] What I look for is for a piece of technology to take over where an analyst can no longer function at scale. As a data scientist, typically I would build clustering models and right targeting rules and I can’t do that on a daily basis. So it’s really nice to have pieces of technology that can sit alongside and assist in that journey.

[Eric] When we were looking for a partner in our personalization and optimization practice, Dynamic Yield really stood out on account of the templates, for one were really important to us because that allowed us to get new experiences onto websites really quickly, so that clients could onboard onto the platform with a great velocity and were able to start seeing value really quickly. And then, beyond that, the ability to deeply segment and leverage your CRM data was critical and something that really stood out against some of the other platforms we were biding.

[Reid] We like to work with ones that obviously have the technology in place to make a difference, but it’s also about the customer success team. So we work with very complicated clients on the enterprise level and what we found with Dynamic Yield is they typically go above and beyond to help us solve complicated problems inserting custom code into their platform when necessary.

[Eric] Any vendors who we can go to with an idea and say hey, it’d be cool if your platform had this to offer, and then within a quarter or two, it’s actually an offering. That’s been amazing. The level of support we get from Dynamic Yield really makes us feel like more of partner than a customer.

Dynamic Yield’s ecosystem of trusted partners can provide the strategic guidance, insights, and execution required to ensure that you are always on top of your personalization efforts.