Dynamic Yield’s Shopify Plus App Overview

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Implementing Dynamic Yield on your Shopify Plus site has never been so easy and today I’ll walk you through the process of installing our new Shopify Plus app. With this new integration, Dynamic Yield scripts, eCommerce events, and page context APIs will be running on your site within a matter of minutes and your entire product inventory syncing with Dynamic Yield will ensure your customers receive the best possible experience. Once in the installation screen, all you need to do is enter your Shopify domain and hit the Next button. On the next screen, click Install unlisted app upon which you’ll be prompted to Connect App on the following screen. In the Shopify App settings, complete the integration by entering your Dynamic Yield ID, access key and secret key as emailed to you by your CSM. Finally, customize your product feed base and your personalization plans. Once you’re done, you click Save. And that’s it. You now have the power to unleash true personalization on your Shopify website with absolutely no IT effort. Shopify Plus is just one of many integrations we support within Dynamic Yield. To learn more, visit our integration page at www.dynamicyield.com/integrations.

Implement Dynamic Yield scripts, eCommerce events, Page Context APIs, and sync your entire product inventory with Dynamic Yield in just minutes using our new Shopify Plus app.