Edgeprop personalizes the user experience

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Hi, my name is Leonard, I work at EdgeProp Singapore, a real estate listing site and a search portal as well. We always have to increase product matrix, like picture arrays, user retentions, et cetera. And after reviewing our strategy for the past year we realized that there’s a lot more in personalization that we have not tapped on. I think with Dynamic Yield we can cut out a lot of time from development and put it into our hands. Basically, we can control what we want and we can execute these changes at a faster rate as opposed to the traditional way of doing personalization. The sliding drawer which we launched has been a great addition to our product. I like it because it is very intuitive for mobile users. Dynamic Yield’s interface has out of the box templates. Actually, it provides easier way for us to do personalization. Moving forward we want to be able to create personalized user experience for each segment of our users, not just on a single page, we want to be able to extend this experience across different pages and across devices as well.

Leonard Ng, Digital & Product Manager of Edgeprop discusses how they use out-of-the-box templates to cut down on development, execute faster, and gain control of the user experience.