Getting to know the R&D department with Binyamin Greenberg

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So what’s nice at Dynamic Yield, they really give the developers, a lot of space to both innovate, think of new ideas. As a Full Stack Developer, we touch upon many different components. Both the scripting and the web to serving in the backend to databases, whether it’s both DevOps, the infrastructure that our code is running on or the code itself we’re responsible from end to end, which is not something that’s done at many companies and Dynamic Yield’s always pushing its developers and its product to be most up to date. Both the technology and the product itself.

Personalization really is a huge spectrum. There are many different things that you can do, and it’s something quite unique ’cause not many other companies that do what Dynamic Yield does. So the opportunities here really are endless. It’s a great environment here at Dynamic Yield, a great vibe, even though it’s a company that’s constantly growing, we’re more than 200 people now, and there’s still this startup vibe. People here have a lot of experience and a lot to offer, and there’s always a push from product to bring out more and better features. Here in Dynamic Yield, there’s a lot to learn. There’s a lot to do as well. There’s always new features that come out and there’s always push from product to build out new features.

So if you’re someone that’s interested in learning and wants to improve your code, have people to mentor you to allow you to improve this. So this is a great place to be.

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight series, meet Binyamin Greenberg, a full-stack developer based in Tel Aviv. He supports the R&D team, focusing on their mission to use technology and innovation to improve and refine the Dynamic Yield platform. On a journey to constantly provide customers with the best digital experiences possible, learn more about Binyamin and his team’s commitment to pushing the limits of technology.

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