Employee Spotlight: Daniel Kearney

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Dynamic Yield is a really fun company to work for, ’cause I think it has that vibe of a startup where a lot of things are really still possible, but at the same time it’s got a really powerful product behind it already for you to work with. You have that benefit of having a pretty established company with a great client base and a lot of good protocols in place, but also you feel like what you do on a daily basis actually has an impact on the company. And that when you have good ideas, you can actually see them implemented. I’m a Customer Success Engineer, so I do a lot of implementation work for clients. So I do a lot of coding and development, but I also get to work with clients and kind of address their needs, and then go back, use our platform and our algorithms to kind of best leverage what we can do to make their goals happen for them.

Get to know New York City-based Customer Success Engineer Daniel Kearney, more about his day-to-day activities in his role, and why he thrives in our startup environment.