Getting to know Product Marketing Manager Gabby de Araujo

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So what I like most about my work is working with all the different departments. And I work really closely with them. I think it’s a very cheesy thing, but everyone will ask you like “What’s the best thing about Dynamic Yield?” And people will be like, “Oh, it’s the people.” But really, in DY really is the people. Like I am genuinely very good friends with everyone that I work with. So that’s what I really enjoy.

It’s a very cross-functional, cross-department role. Everyone is really trying to help each other out. Everyone’s really wanting to learn and you can ask anybody, even if you’re C-level executives, even if you’re at the bottom of the pole, you really can reach out to anyone and ask anyone for help. And I think that’s what’s really cool about DY. If you’re interested in doing something, everyone supports you. Of you’re like, “Hey, I’m really interested in learning about x, y and z.” Your manager is going to be like, go for it. Learn about x, y and z. Everyone is really working together for the best of the company and for the best of our customers.

And we’re putting the customer’s needs first. Customers get really excited to share their success when we have events and they talk about all these case studies that they’ve done and all these use cases, what the customer has a really big voice in where the product road map is going. And I think that’s very unique to Dynamic Yield. People that work at Dynamic Yield are really hungry to learn. Show that you’re interested and show that you can learn without someone telling you what to learn. And that you have this hunger to go above and beyond. I think that everyone that works at Dynamic Yield has that same hunger, so in an interview, you need to show that you’re hungry and you’re ready to learn and that you wanna be the best in our field.

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight series, meet Gabby de Araujo, a Product Marketing Manager. Gabby joined Dynamic Yield in 2016, starting in Sales and later moving to Customer Success before joining the Marketing team in 2019. Having worn many hats at the company over the course of four years, she knows the product inside and out, positioning her to effectively market new products and features.

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