A day in the life of Senior Customer Success Manager, Jake Tenenbaum

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When I started speaking to Dynamic Yield and I learned about all the opportunities that I would have, there was just so much to do, that I really want to be part of it. I work with the smartest people. Every day I come to work and there’s a challenge to face and I never go through a day without a teammate either asking me for help or me asking them for help. And to be surrounded by people who have experience across all these different facets, when you come together and you’re able to inspire each other, or answer each other’s questions and help each other grow, there really is no better kind of synergy to that. There are just so many things that make a great candidate and so when I talk to people, for me, on my team, it’s about what is your experiences. What are all things you’ve done and what do you bring to the team that helps us grow and expand our knowledge base? The clients that I get to work with are smart people. And so to have them listen to me and me get to learn from them, is something so important to me. I often tell customers, “Think about what you wanna learn, “because at the end of the day, “it’s just infinite amounts of learning that you can do.” And then to go from there and to understand how much money we can make after that, or how many more purchases and improve the conversions. Or really whatever metric you’re trying to work on, we can do. We come together every Friday, we talk about our personal wins for the week. I think that kind of culture where we inspire each other, where we offer each other help, that’s the kind of culture I wanna be a part of. Because again, you’re growing, you’re learning and you’re acting like a team. There’s no one person. I like it, I like what I do and I think a lot of my team feels the same way.

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight series, meet Jake Tenenbaum, a Senior Customer Success Manager who works with enterprise-level eCommerce brands. Learn about his day-to-day in our New York City office, why he’s passionate about personalized marketing, and how he goes above and beyond for his clients. Read his full Employee Spotlight.

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