Breaking down the intricacies of Marketing Operations with Jeff Yang

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Dynamic Yield’s product is very interesting to me in the fact that it basically is meant for marketers to basically reach people in relevant and timely manners and just show more and more products that they want to buy. Sitting in a marketing space, it’s a lot of the same challenges that I deal with as a marketer on a day-to-day basis. So, that opportunity was really interesting to me.

What I really love most about the culture here is everybody doesn’t really just say I’ll help you out whenever they want. They really do come up to you multiple times a day, even to basically say like, “Hey, Jeff, are you curious about anything? Do you have any questions?” Or even something as simple as going out for drinks. It’s just the culture here, it’s very, very inclusive.

When I first started, there were a lot of onboarding sessions and really helped me get up to speed. I’m really only two and a half months in, Dynamic Yield has already sent me to Tel Aviv for our Sales kick-off event just to meet the entire company. They really, really invest in you and they really, really believe in and want your long-term success.

Interviewing, in my opinion, is really, really both ways. Dynamic Yield does a very good job of making sure that they’re very transparent in showing what the role is about, what the team culture is about, and just letting you know the lay of the land before you have to make a decision. So yeah, pretty much just enjoy the process and you’ll figure out if you’re a good fit for Dynamic Yield.

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight series, meet Jeff Yang, our Marketing Operations Manager. Often found collaborating across teams, his role focuses on problem-solving to uncover the secrets hiding behind data. Responsible for building out and maintaining our internal infrastructure to ensure our reporting is as accurate as possible at all times. Learn about his day-to-day in our New York office and why he often relies on both creativity and logic to tackle new challenges.

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