Employee Spotlight: Jessica Cohen

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To be a DYer, it feels very fulfilling. I came from a marketing background, as well as several years’ experience working with enterprise clients and it was interesting for me to get hands-on and actually get them dirty with a platform that really helps you provide the value to the clients. We’re definitely not a startup anymore. We’re definitely an established company but we still have that creativity that startup companies still have. So you still feel like any word that you say or any question that you ask has value to it. I love my personal life but I am confident in saying that, when I come to work, I also enjoy it throughout the entire day. It’s never boring and it’s just enjoyable working with these people that just come from so many different backgrounds that are able to contribute so many different ideas in so many different creative ways that you wouldn’t necessarily think of on your own and learn from that. And then you also, in return, can provide value and they learn from that. I think that there’s a reason why they chose the name Dynamic Yield with the word dynamic, because that’s basically what the environment is. It’s constantly going. There’s never a dull moment. It keeps you on top of your toes, for sure.

Get to know Jessica Cohen, Customer Consultant at Dynamic Yield, and why she finds her day-to-day activities and interactions exciting and valuable.