Employee Spotlight: Julie Goldstein

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I’m the People Operations Manager here at Dynamic Yield and I’m pretty much in charge of the culture. So that means setting the tone for the day at the office. If I feel that it’s a little bit gray feeling, either inside or outside or both, how do I make sure everyone’s feeling okay? How do I lift them up? I love the people and that’s really what got me here. What makes Dynamic Yield unique is the fact that we’re a global company. We have a really great office environment where you’re pretty much encouraged to be who you are. You can be individual. No one’s gonna check what time you’re in, what time you’re out. They’re gonna let you do what you need to do as a person, as an individual, because at the end of the day, that’s what makes you a good employee. What excites me is making sure everyone’s happy and seeing changes in them. So if an employee comes to me and they’re having a problem with a co-worker or a personal problem, I like to be that ear for them and that support and see how I can help them. And what can I do to make them happier. If you’re debating whether or not you wanna work for Dynamic Yield, a good rule of thumb to know is that, even though it’s a cliche, we work hard and we play hard. And it’s shown every day, every month, every year at the company. Everyone’s got a great personality. And really, overall, pretty chill place to be.

Get to know New York City-based People Operations Manager and how she molds and supports the culture at Dynamic Yield.