Employee Spotlight: Matthew Kelly

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So, the thing about Dynamic Yield that I really like is the fact that I work in a fast-paced environment. As somebody young in my career, I think it’s a really great place to go if you do want to gain exposure to different facets of the tech space and of personalization. So, I currently serve as the U.S. Team Lead for our Marketing Development Team. Along with my SDR responsibilities, I’m also responsible for working with a lot of other teams, including marketing and product, to ensure that we’re delivering a consistent message that is aligned with our marketing and product team. The one thing that I really like about the Dynamic Yield culture is that it’s very collaborative. From the first day that I started here, I noticed that a lot of the folks were very welcoming to the idea of working with one another. I feel very comfortable approaching people on other teams when I am kind of hung up on a question or if I want to know a little bit more about a particular situation. That’s what I think is really probably the best component of our culture here, is the fact that it’s very, very welcoming. They really foster this idea of collaboration. You know, a lot of folks are in positions right now with companies where it’s very much just work and go home. I feel very excited about coming into the office every day. I feel like an actual contributor to a lot of the success that we have seen as a company. And I feel like I’m recognized for that. I think that I’m a very dedicated employee here, I like coming in to work every day, and I also like seeing that that’s recognized.

Get to know New York City-based Matthew Kelly, the U.S. Team Lead of Market Development, and why cross-team collaboration is the favorite part of his role at our fast-paced startup.