Unpacking the life of a web developer with Muhamad Arar

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Actually, the people is one of the reasons that I’ve stayed here for this long. You have people that have experience in all this technology, and the newest technologies, so you always have someone to ask, and people here are super nice. Usually, if you come with a question they will sit with you, they will explain everything, in order for you to learn as much as possible from this question. It’s nice to be part of this, and keep learning each and every day from the experienced people that you have here.

As a developer, we have access to some online courses that we can take. We can learn new technologies from there. Whenever we have a new position, the company will look to hire people from within the company and promote people instead of opening the position for the public, and everybody can apply for it. So you always have these opportunities to be promoted, to work in different fields, and I have experienced it several times in my career and then I became [a web developer].

The company itself is super customer-focused, so if we have urgent stuff that we need to handle, the communication between CS and RND is good. When I used to interview people, one of the most important stuff for me was for the person to be hungry for learning, and to see their potential. Right, you show that you’re passionate about stuff, that you have the potential, and that you’re willing to put in the time and all that to learn and to get to the level that is asked from you.

I think there is one thing that is worth mentioning, which is the diversity in the company. We have people from different cultures under one team and they function super well. There is no shortcuts in the way of getting to the goal that you want. Keep improving and to invest the time and then be ready for the next position. It’s nice to be part of this company, and this teamwork.

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight series, meet Muhamad Arar, a web developer focusing on finding unique ways to turn beautiful UX designs into rich, complex web applications. Learn about his day-to-day in our Tel Aviv office, his evolution at the company over the past four years, and how working directly with clients prepared him for a front- and back-end development role. Read his full Employee Spotlight.

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