Picking the brain of a Sales Director with Romain Franczia

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So I decided to work at DY because a friend of mine was then a customer. And he was telling me a lot of good things about it, so I decided to go on my own investigation, try to meet with other customers, try to look into the platform. And that’s when I realized it was not only very cutting edge but also very well received, the more the customers are raving and satisfied with your solution. The better it is, not only from obviously a customer standpoint but also from an employee standpoint, this is very, very cutting edge, very innovative and that’s why I really wanted to be part of this journey.

I don’t think a lot of other companies have that much R&D power and the fact that it’s also located in Tel Aviv, there’s a huge pool of talent, dedicated to a lot of the best research, we can find in software, which makes it very, very agile and very, very innovative. Being in sales, I face a lot of different requests and I need to address them in a timely manner, we can make developments in a very, very short amount of time, which is something that I found extremely powerful here. I also have a lot of flexibility in my work and I’m empowered to do whatever it takes to be successful in my job, which is very, very important as well. We’re a very decentralized organization, I personally work in Paris, but I have two coworkers in London, in Berlin, in Tel Aviv, in Moscow. So it’s very interesting to have that mix, it’s also very interesting to work remotely, but supported from different sides and to get to meet other people in other regions. And it’s very, very exciting, so very happy to be here.

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight series, meet Romain Franczia, a Sales Director in South Europe. Located in our Paris office, Romain wears several hats, pushing the adoption of experience optimization in southern Europe and beyond, forging connections with customers, prospects, and partners while educating the masses on the high-value applications of the Dynamic Yield platform.

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