Unpacking the ins and outs of customer-client relationships with Sandro Lubas

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I feel really lucky that I work with such a group of smart people that allows me to always be challenged and discover and learn new things. And I love working with clients, being able to work with them on programs and projects, and get them from the ideation to reality and make them become true.

Everybody I met during the interview process was really amazing, very interesting, and you could feel they were great people to work with, and that has proven to be extremely true. The product was very interesting because it touches the personalization space that in the digital world is something that’s extremely interesting and helps companies to achieve their success. We allow our clients to create personalized experiences for their customers in order for them to find what they actually need. Everybody is willing to make the extra step to help each other.

We are really looking forward to support each other for our goals and everybody from the CEO to the CTO, everybody, doesn’t matter what’s your title, they’re willing to help you to support your initiative. We are very united in what we do. We work together, and we have a goal, and every team member knows what to do in order to achieve that goal.

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight series, meet Sandro Lubas, the Team Lead of the U.S. Customer Success team. His role focuses on empowering digital marketers at enterprise brands who are looking to build engaging, customer experiences. Learn about his day-to-day in our NYC office, how he supports other members of the Customer Success team, and why experience optimization makes him tick. Read his full Employee Spotlight.

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