Getting the lowdown on Research and Development from Sasha Popov

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It’s kind of corny to say, but people are really friends here, and it’s just an amazing bunch of people. I love working with them, collaborating, and being creative together. We process really humongous amounts of data, and it’s a very significant technical challenge. We get to think about creative solutions for really unique problems, and we get to work with the newest tech. Our product is like 100 different products combined into one, so it’s really, really versatile. So I think there’s something for everyone here in terms of technology.

We are looking for open, honest people who are not afraid of hard work but also look for an environment where they can make friends with people and collaborate, so we are really looking for team players. I think at DY, you can really bring your opinion to the table. It’s really unique. Nothing is set from above. You can influence decisions at the highest level, and I think it’s really a place for creative people, for people who want their voices to be heard. Looking at the past year, we’ve accomplished so much here, and I think it’s really what makes us unique, the pace in which we move. We’ve only started working with McDonald’s, and now our product is deployed in over 10,000 restaurants over the United States, which is really amazing if you think of a project that didn’t exist a year ago. So I think if someone is looking to see their work come to life and really go to market quickly and make an impact, Dynamic Yield is the place for you.

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight series, meet Sasha Popov, Director of Research & Development. Her role involves a healthy amount of problem-solving, requires her to challenge her team to think outside the box, and pushes her to build and refine the Dynamic Yield platform to better serve existing customers, while attracting new ones. Read her full Employee Spotlight.

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