The Essentials of GDPR

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Here at Dynamic Yield, GDPR means more to us than just a new privacy legislation that requires adherence in order to avoid penalties and fines. For us, while the GDPR deadline has come and gone, our commitment to data privacy and security remains, a core piece of our philosophy. The personalization and optimization services we provide are predicated on the highest standards of data integrity. Without it, the ultimate customer experience can never truly be gained.

As our newly appointed Data Privacy Officer, I work closely with internal stakeholders at Dynamic Yield to make sure we build a program that employs air-tight technical and organizational security measures or TOMs as they’re most commonly known. We now offer localized storage and data hosting options. While our data center in Virginia continues to operate under the privacy shield framework, which GDPR continues to support, we initiated and launched our EU-based data center, in Frankfurt. Our EU customers may now store their data locally without ever leaving the shores of Europe. We also made some pretty substantial changes to our workflows. For example, we solidified our commitment to only collecting data in order to analyze user behavior. We won’t combine our customer’s data with data from other customers. We won’t share it with third-parties, and we won’t use it for any unnecessary reasons. We also no longer store IP addresses or any other sensitive data which we no longer onboard for our customers. We’ve also built internal flows for handling customer and data related requests, and I’ve personally been in discussions with customers, understanding their needs and requirements of this context.

I’m confident that having gone through this program, Dynamic Yield can be viewed as a trusted partner, mindful of our customer’s data concerns. At Dynamic Yield, we saw GDPR more as an opportunity. An opportunity to strengthen the trust between ourselves and our customers. For a detailed list of all the requirements I addressed, and to stay informed on the continuous improvements of our privacy program, I invite you to visit Thank you.

With the rollout of privacy and data protection laws under GDPR, hear from Jacob Silber, Data Privacy Officer at Dynamic Yield. about the specific steps we’ve taken at to ensure data privacy and security for our customers.