Meet Experience Email by Dynamic Yield

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Email remains one of the most effective ways for driving sales and customer loyalty. And while email usage continues to grow year over year, so do expectations from consumers, who long for emails that truly reflect their interests and needs. With Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email, you can use an intuitive drag and drop editor to create personalized emails in minutes, without the tedious coding. Whether choosing from pre-built email templates or starting from scratch, the visual email editor provides an effortless way to create personalized email campaigns, designed to render perfectly on any device, email client, or web browser. Simply drag and drop one or multiple recommendation blocks directly into your email. Choose the recommendation strategy from Dynamic Yield’s deep learning-powered Adapt ML strategy, to affinity-based personalization, contextual recommendations, and more. The user interface also lets you easily define the look and feel of the recommendation widgets, including the number of items to show. With Experience Email, you can algorithmically match products and offers to different audiences, based on their shopping behavior, product affinities, cross-device behavior. These segments can then be used across the Dynamic Yield platform to personalize product recommendations, content, behavioral messages, and more.

Introducing Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email solution: email personalization that algorithmically adapts to every customer.

Pick up where your email service provider (ESP) left off, and start transforming static emails into fully personalized, adaptive email experiences to drive higher sales, loyalty, and engagement. Built on our robust audiencing capabilities, Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email solution allows marketers to track and incorporate important on-site activity into their email campaigns. Artificial intelligence is used to algorithmically match products and offers via product recommendations, dynamic content, and more to different individuals based on their shopping activity, product affinities, cross-device behavior, and more. And with Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email solution, teams can use an intuitive drag and drop builder to individualize all or portions of their email campaigns, no coding, design skills, or messy integrations required.