G Adventures witnesses a 15% increase in purchases per user and improves its conversion rate by 50% after tailoring the booking experience

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My name is Ashley, I’m the global lead of e-commerce at G Adventures. G Adventures is a small group adventure tour company. So we run travel all over the world through small group tours, and it’s really about connecting our travelers to kind of a different part of travel allowing them to connect with kind of social enterprise pieces but then kind of also get out of their day-to-day. So we decided to go with Dynamic Yield as our personalization partner really because of the partnership that they provided to us. And we knew from past experience that technology resources are always tight so we knew that Dynamic Yield would kind of give us that partnership that we needed as well, kind of the solution itself really allows for a marketing user to not have that much technical knowledge and to be able to kind of run with the platform. One of the issues that we were facing onsite for G Adventures that the ease of use on-site was a challenge for customers and it really wasn’t easily navigable, so what we did was leverage Dynamic Yield to implement a net new navigation that we tested against the control group which didn’t see this new test and it allowed customers really to be able to navigate better on site, look at different categories that they didn’t kind of, weren’t able to see all at once. And this test resulted in an increase of 20% in revenue and a 15% increase in purchases. So for us, with Dynamic Yield, we have a number of different short and long term goals that we’re hoping to achieve. So in the short term, it’s really about ramping up and making sure that we’re using full use of the tool for the moment. Long term, it’ll be about the CRM integration, ensuring that we’re kind of using all of our data, whether that’s first-party that we have and then how that integrates with third-party as well. And we feel that’s really where we’re going to get the biggest impact out of the tool. And we’re really excited to kind of leverage that offline data.

Ashley Moraca, Global Lead of eCommerce at G Adventures, details how the company used Dynamic Yield to improve the site navigation experience and tailor the booking process, which has driven a 20% increase in average revenue and 15% increase in purchases per user.